About Us

Kontrol Wheels is a Southern California based wheel manufacturer that is pushing the boundaries of skateboard wheel technology. We utilize an all new patented urethane and processes to create the most superior skateboard wheels on the market. We take pride in the fact that our wheels are solid urethane, have more rebound, and are more abrasive resistant than any other skateboard wheels in the world. This new technology allows us to have more control over our formulas. All our wheels are 100% USA made, and with almost zero waste Kontrolwheels are the most Eco Friendly skateboard wheels in the world. With our factory here in California, we oversee and control production every step of the way. This also gives us the ability to continually improve our skateboard wheels faster. We also test wheels from every lot to ensure the highest levels of quality. We strongly encourage customer feedback, and we take into consideration all factors when we produce wheels. Our goal is to create the best skateboard wheels in the world. Without the support and feedback of skateboarders this would never be possible. We challenge you to put Kontrol Wheels to the test.